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Vega have to withdraw from Mr. Cat Invitational 11.05.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are withdrawing from Mr. Cat Invitaional qualifiers due to heavy match schedule. As a reminder, "sharks" had to play their lower bracket semifinal match against Team Empire.


Team manager, Alexander «OneLuckyDay» Kazannikov:

- At the moment our team is fighting for LAN invites to 3 different tournaments, so our schedule is extremely heavy. Unfortunately, we will not take part on Mr. Cat in order to be able to play on the other ones. We're thankful to organizers for their invite and we'll be glad to take part in their tournaments later.

I also have a message to our fans: our team's schedule is filled with many matches with strong opponents, they need your support really bad! Thanks to everyone who's cheering for us at this step!


Note: In Thursday, May 11th, Vega Squadron are playing 3 different series on 3 different tournaments.