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Vega goes to Wild Card tournament of The International 2015! 02.06.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

European qualifications are finally over, they brought us a lot of amazing and tough matches. Also, it was full of surprises. 4ASC got the first place in group A, Power Rangers punched The Alliance out of the tournament. Na'Vi lost to LC and then took place 1 in Group B leaving the fight for the second place behind. And it was a serious struggle.

Vega had no right to make a mistake in any of the matches. After beating LC in groupstage, our team got to play-off stage and had to face NiP. Ninjas showed an amazing first game and took it quite easily. NiP had early domination on the second game but Vega made an incredible comeback and won back around 30k gold and then took the game. And the last game was pretty much the same - Ninjas in Pyjamas getting earlygame again and then Vega making use of NiP mistakes.

Next day we had to face 4ASC who lost to Na'Vi and dropped to the lower brackets. It was our last chance to go to The International! First game was a tough one but the fortunte was on our side. In the next game Vega outpicked their enemies and took the game easily.

That's it. Vega goes to the main event! We had still to find out if we'd have to fight for a Wild Card tournament or we'd get a direct invite tot he main event. A game against Na'Vi was a tough one and unfortunately we lost with a 1:3 score. What did we lack? We can discuss that a lot, but it's obvious that Vega still has a lot to work on. Anyways (!) it's a great success for us, we're improving and only moving forward. And now the so-called "Discovery of the Year" (c) StarLadder Analytics is moving to America, to the tournament-lifechanger where the lucky chance can change lifes of the whole DotA 2 community. Cheer for Vega!