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Vega finishes LCL Week 4 with 2-1 score 23.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

In the last match of LCL Week 4 Vega faced Team Just Alpha.

Vega: camille (NoNholy), sejuani (Zanzarah), Orianna (Nomanz), Sivir (Optimas), Trundle (delord)
Just Alpha: Gnar (BOSS), Maokai (SadJesteRRR), Sindra (Marker), Jhin (Pooh), Alistar (Jestkui Max)

This game Vega went for Sejuani and Orianna. "Sharks" took first blood on botlane, made use of counter-gank and gave Nomanz double-buff. With such a boost to midlane "squadron" concentrated on putting pressure upon enemy ADC so he would not be able to come back. First tower fell on botlane as well, after that we've seen a standard lane swap.
Despite making some small mistakes Vega looked confident in macro and killed the Baron. Team Just Alpha didn't find any answers to this and lost 2 lanes showing close to no resistance at all and had to turtle on their base. "Sharks" regrouped, went for lastpush and won the game in one strike.

Vega finish 4th week of LCL with a 2-1 score and still have changes to go to play-offs.