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Vega finished their first day on TI7 quali with a 4:1 score 26.06.2017 Author // Ace

On Monday, June 26th, Vega Squadron played 5 matches on The International 7 CIS qualifiers. Despite a bad season and 2 roster changes a victory our here can be a payback for all the disappointments and bring our fans hope with a deserved invite to the main Dota 2 event this year.

"Squadron" began their matches relatively early - they started with a match against Anji on 10:00 CEST. Maybe this is why "sharks" were not looking confident at start. With midgame pick Vega were not able to push hard enough to make the opponent turtle on it's base even though the towers were falling and Treant Protector were keeping their own ones.

Anji were hoping for Enigma, but Vega found an answer in face of Treant. Semion was cold-blooded and never got caught in Black Holes to cancel it. Without their main weapon Anji had to accept defeat after giving quite a fight.

А game against Gambit, however, didn't work as Vega planned. Treant was playing against "sharks" this time, but Dragon Knight has been destroying towers nonetheless. The problem was that Gambit were ahead in teamfights and Razor-carry wasn't working at all and died like a support hero. After losing one lane "squadron" tried and looked for opportunities, but didn't succeed.

It looked like Vega will fail in a game against Empire as well. "Squadron" didn't expect Broodmother and struggled at start. But even losing 16:4 and 10k gold "sharks" did their best to make comeback happen. They took Roshan, made a couple ganks.

One of them could have ended with only fn's death resulted in a fiasco for Empire and their come back into the game. Next fight G made Rampage and decided the result of the game.

Next maps there wasn't any fight at all. Both Comanche and Double Dimension lost all their lanes and didn't show any resistance whatsoever. In a match against Comanche G played a great solo on Bloodseeker, in a game against DD Afterlife was the center of attention on his signature Legion Commander.

So, despite an unfortunately defeat by Gambit, Vega finished the day with a solid score - 4:1.