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Vega finished the first day on Galaxy Battles with a 3:1 score 31.05.2017 Author // Ace

After a victory over Anji Vega continued their matches on Galaxy Battles. There were 3 more of them.



Vega: Ursa (Alohadance), Death Prophet (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Spirit Breaker (CeMa), Jakiro (Silent)
Mousesports: Juggernaut (Madara), QoP (Thug), Beastmaster (Skylark), Treant Protector (MNT), Disruptor (SSaSpartan)

Mousesports had 3:0 statistics coming up to this match and were in great mood. Vega began their game with an agressive trilane that worked and put Juggernaut into the middle of net worth charts. Greeks top net worth was Beastmaster that tried to help his Queen of Pain, but Vega were just much more confident in fights.

"Sharks" advantage grew and Death Prophet quickly detroyed objectives. Mousesports tried to do something and MNT even killed a courier on Vega's base, but that was the best thing "mouses" did, so this map ended in Vega's favor.



Vega: Troll Warlord (Alohadance), Outworld Dvourer (G), Nyx (Afterlife), Sand King (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
EPG: Faceless Void (g0g1), Shadow Fiend (Boranija), Dark Seer (Mitch), Spirit Breaker (dnz), Disruptor (LeBron)

EPG could look like an piece of cake, but Boranija showed from the very first minutes that he's going for the top of Dota 2 EU scene. EPG looked stronger on lanes but Vega was taking what's theirs with their macro.

Unfortunately, many individual mistakes didn't let Vega win. Many solo-deaths lead to EPG taking one lane after another. Vega still had 15k gold advantage defending mega-creeps, but gold can't build your barracks back, so "squadron" accepted defeat on this map.



Vega: Ursa (Alohadance), Dragon Knight (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Treant Protector (CeMa), Disruptor Maiden (Silent)
NiP: Bristleback (Era), Storm Spirit (Micke), Magnus (Qojkva), Insania (Rubick), Jakiro (Sealkid)

NiP were easy because 2 players couldn't take part in the match. So, swedish team wasn't feeling right with stand-ins. They didn't just let "sharks" have Treant but also lost all the match stages. The highlight of this game was the moment when 4 heroes ganked DK, wasted a Reverse Polarity, Dragon survived that and almost killed the opponents in return. Obviously, it was the sign of the end for NiP and Vega took what's theirs finishing the day with 3:1 score.