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Vega finish their way on DAC 12.02.2017 Author // Ace

In lower bracket semifinals of DAC CIS qualifier Vega Squadron faced Team Spirit.


First map picks:
Vega: Bristleback (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Clockwerk (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Spirit: Luna (633), Mirana (Iceberg), Underlord (DKPhobos), Sven (FNG), Shadow Demon (VANSKOR)

Vega went for their comfortable physical damage setup with Shadow Fiend and Dazzle, but this time accompanied by Bristleback and signature Clockwerk by Mag. Looking forward, Mag really made it for the bad game yesterday. What goes to support-Sven that worked for Effect, didn't really shine in Fng's hands.

For quite awhile "sharks" looked so confident that there wasn't a single kill made on Vega's heroes. First kill was given away by Vega only when they were destroying second set of barracks. However, it didn't really help Spirit at all and Vega made use of their advantage on midlaner and supports. Final score - 23:2.


Second map picks:
Vega: Drow Ranger (Ditya Ra), Outworld Devourer (G), Weaver (Mag), Ogre Magi (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Spirit: Luna (633), Tiny (Iceberg), Underlord (DKPhobos), Bane (FNG), Io (VANSKOR)

On second map "sharks" didn't really start as planned and fed many kills on laning. Moreover, G was behind in farm on a hero that lacks catch-up mechanics. Vega tried to take a sneaky Rosham but just gave away an Aegis, making the game even harder.

Even though "sharks" midlaner made it out of pit, his teammates suffered a lot. "Dragons" had their hands on map and made the scores back even again.


Third map picks:
Vega: Terrorblade (Ditya Ra), Leshrac (G), Nyx (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Spirit: Luna (633), Tinker (Iceberg), Underlord (DKPhobos), Earth Shaker (FNG), Silencer (VANSKOR)

On the decisive map Vega went for a new, push-oriented pick with Terrorblade and Leshrac as cores. Despite having such a setup, Vega were very slow at pushing. Eventually game advanced to the slow phase in midgame. It looked like Vega are doing quite fine and enemy heroes got caught here and there, but when it went to teamfights, Team Spirit were much stronger.

So, many lost teamfights threw Vega behind in farm and nullified their chances of going through DAC qualifiers.