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Vega finish second on WellPlay Invitational 24.03.2017 Author // Ace

In WellPlay Invitational Grand Finals Vega Squadron faced Team Spirit in bo5 series.


First map picks:
Vega: Troll Warlord (Ditya Ra), Mirana (G), Abaddon (Mag), Leshrak (CeMa), Vengeful Spirit (SoNNeikO)
Spirit: Ursa (633), Sniper (Iceberg), Earthshaker (DKPhobos), Slardar (Fng), Crystal Maiden (Vanskor)

On map one Spirit got their comfortable draft, Vega went for solid heroes as well, including Abaddon. Lanes were looking fine for "sharks", the only lane with a bit of trouble was their own easylane.

Spirit replied with ganks and showed good level of communication and skill in clutches. Almost every "sharks" attempt to be agressive were punished heavily. "Squadron" heroes had a lot of problems with focus and Spirit were giving away their skills just right to burst down the opponents one by one. In the end, Vega accepted their defeat even with tier-2's still standing.


Second map picks:
Vega: Lone Druid (Ditya Ra), Venomancer (G), Batrider (Mag), Pudge (CeMa), Vengeful Spirit (SoNNeikO)
Spirit: Ursa (633), Queen of Pain (Iceberg), Dark Seer (DKPhobos), Earth Shaker (Fng), Disruptor (Vanskor)

Next map featured the first Venomancer in the whole Vega Squadron history and a Lone Druid pick for Ditya Ra. He was the carry factor in the game. Add several highlights by Cema's Pudge and you receive a won game. Spirit didn't put enough pressure on Vega's carry and he brought his team to victory.


Third map picks:
Vega: Lycan (Ditya Ra), Sand King (G), Abaddon (Mag), Rubick (CeMa), Chen (SoNNeikO)
Spirit: Ursa (633), Timbersaw (Iceberg), Broodmother (DKPhobos), Slardar (Fng), Crystal Maiden (Vanskor)

On map 3 Vega went for pushing lineup, opponent replied with the same thing in mind, but with stronger lanes. In result Vega were forced to buy 2 Hand of Midas and play defensive with offensive picks. It was working out for some time thanks to Vega's supports, but as it was in game one, Spirit looked way stronger in teamfights and finished the game eventually.


Fourth map picks:
Vega: Jakiro (Ditya Ra), Meepo (G), Broodmother (Mag), Pudge (CeMa), Io (SoNNeikO)
Spirit: Sven (633), Ursa (Iceberg), Weaver (DKPhobos), Chen (Fng), Disruptor (Vanskor)

Same story happened on map 4, but Vega's heroes were even more weird. The plan was working out, but then Mag started struggling, and then his team did the same.

It all came down to 4+Meepo and Sven with quite a lot of farm had everything to deal with it and win the game for Team Spirit - 3:1.