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Vega finish the first LCL week with a 2:1 score 25.06.2017 Author // Ace

«Sharks» finished their week-end with a match against "all star" team Gambit.



Vega: Renekton (NoNholy), Rek’Sai (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Ashe (Optimas), Thresh (Delord)
Gambit: Gragas (PvPStejos), Warwick (Diamondprox), Ahri (Kira), Varus (Blasting), Alistar (Edward)

On drafting stage Gambit showed they're prepared for the opponent. After giving Delord his Thresh Gambit went for Alistar and left no space for agression. Even if he hit his hook Gambit were making an exchange in their favor. Renekton was winning in terms of farm but after a bad gank by Zanzarah scored a kill and went ahead in terms of gold.

Vega were not losing in 1v1 and 2v2 situation but macro-movements by Gambit were just incredible. With minimal mistakes by Vega Gambit still found situations to outplay.

"Sharks" had to take cheese fights in order to come back into the game, but Gambit were prepared and incredible outfarm let them win the decisive fight even being 4v5. 12:1 and a clean victory by Gambit. Vega finish the first week with a 2:1 score, which is a decent result.