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Vega earned silver on «City Battles» 10.12.2017 Author // Konservator

«ROG City Battles» tournament finals were happening on December 9th. All 4 maps were even and solid and the places display that clearly (6, 3, 3, 5). It also wasn't without funny moments - in the end of the first map "sharks" died from the zone because they had no options of leaving the shore - they have been blocked by the mountains.

On the last map guys made a mistae - in the final phase of the fight they didn't see Kemba7 flanking them. He buried our hopes for the gold prize and left us 3 points short.

Nevertheless, we're in the top-3 teams of Moscow and Kazan! We would like to thank our guys from the games and positive emotions.

Team captain, Georgy «FiftyFourth» Tikhonov:

— We are not upset about the second place on LAN in Moscow. Once again I am convinced that this "point" system is the worst one. First place grants too many points, kills grant none at all. If you're below top-10, you are not given points. I would like to ask the administrators of the series fix this format. Anyways, thanks to all the teams and Cyberspace!

Vega Squadron killrate for the tournament:

  • Maxim «Maxiz0r» Tatarintsev— 13 frags
  • Ravil «VampireGame» Jarulin — 8 frags
  • Mikhail «ENINOEL» Prudnikov — 7 frags
  • Georgy «FiftyFourth» Tikhonov — 3 frags


In the City Battles Moscow won Kazan with a huge gap: 289-171. General results:

  1. Cybersp1ce — 52 points
  2. Vega Squadron — 49 points
  3. iddQd — 47 points