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Vega drops to LOOTBet Invitational lower brackets 29.05.2017 Author // Ace

In upper bracket finals of LOOBet Invitational Vega Squadron faced Team Empire.


First map picks:
Vega: Bristleback (Alohadance), QoP (G), Tidehunter (Afterlife), Nyx (CeMa), KotL (Silent)
Empire: Troll Warlord (Chappie), Outworld Devourer (fn), Legion Commander (Ghostik), Enchatress (Rodjer), Rubick (Miposhka)

On map one Vega went for signature Queen of Pain for G and Empire tried to make his life as hard as possible with Enchantress. G didn't care and even made a kill on fn thanks to Semion's gank.

From the other side, KotL + Bristleback lane didn't have any troubles and Aloha was far ahead of anyone in net worth charts. Vega were leading, made good use of Ravages and everything was going fine until one fight against Empire with 3x 10 second BKB's. But after these BKB's were shown Empire had nothing else to surprise Vega with, so "sharks" were playing much more careful and finished the game on a steady pace.


Second map picks:
Vega: Bristleback (Alohadance), Puck (G), Abaddon (Afterlife), Sand King (CeMa), KotL (Silent)
Empire: Razor (Chappie), Troll Warlord (fn), Enigma (Ghostik), Night Stalker (Rodjer), Bane (Miposhka)

Next map G earned a respect-ban of QoP and "sharks" still went for BB+KotL. Vega's domination was still a thing and map control was all theirs, but Enigma was a serious problem. Ghostik's Black Holes secured important pick-offs for Empire way too often.

The game was turned completely when Empire made a teamwipe on Roshan. Considering it's power in late game, Vega were made to call the GG.


Third map picks:
Vega: Wrath King (Alohadance), Outworld Devourer (G), Clockwerk (Afterlife), Nyx (CeMa), Rubick (Silent)
Empire: Troll Warlord (Chappie), Queen of Pain (fn), Broodmother (Ghostik), Kunkka (Rodjer), Bane (Miposhka)

On the third map Vega decided not to pick BB+KotL again and took other core heroes, but Empire surprised with Broodmother. The "mama" spider was working out 100% and took the lead in net worth charts. With her ability to farm enemy jungle Empire went ahead despite having an underfarmed Queen of Pain.

When Broodmother and Troll got their BKB's Empire's fighting machine was unstoppable. The snowball began and Vega had no answers to it.