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Vega drops to the International qualifier lower brackets 28.06.2017 Author // Ace

In upper bracket finals of CIS TI7 qualifiers Vega faced team Empire.


First map picks:
Vega: Venomancer (Alohadance), Shadow Fiend (G), Sand King (Afterlife), Tusk (SlayeR), Lion (Silent)
Empire: Phantom Assassin (Chappie), Dragon Knight (fn), Dark Seer (Ghostik), Spirit Breaker (Rodjer), Ancient Apparition (Miposhka)

On map one Vega went for their usual scribs and Empire decided to pick "Korean" stuff - Dark Seer with melee heroes including Phantom Assassin. it looked like this pick will start working in midgame, but Vega were dominating in the middle of the game thanks to their macro. "Sharks" initiated better but still let the opponent take first Roshan and Empire decreased the gap.

Despite that Vega even made a team wipe and even took enemies T3 but all that was only to lose 5 heroes in an awful teamfight and let the opponent win 20k gold. It was almost impossible to come back from at this point and Vega accepted defeat.


Second map picks:
Vega: Weaver (Alohadance), QoP (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Night Stalker (SlayeR), Rubick (Silent)
Empire: Meepo (Chappie), Venomancer (fn), Nature’s Prophet (Ghostik), Spirit Breaker (Rodjer), Clockwerk (Miposhka)

Next map Venomancer was given to Empire. It looked like "sharks" have a great pick to counter that and even the scores, but "Imperials" showed their secret weapon - Meepo.

Chappie displayed great gameplay with his interesting Shadow Blade build and started his domination all around the map. "Sharks" didn't give up, killed heroes, even if it wasn't Meepo. Even when Empire made megacreeps Weaver and Queen of Pain were defending with courage. This match lasted for 2 and a half hours, G beat the last hit world record in a pro-game, but Empire were still stronger. So, Vega will continue fighting in the lower brackets.