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Vega didn't make it to The Summit 7 30.05.2017 Author // Ace

In LOOTBet Invitational Vega Squadron faced Team Empire in battle for the last The Summit 7 invite.


First map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Alohadance), Sniper (G), Brewmaster (Afterlife), Night Stalker (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
Empire: Lone Druid (Chappie), Shadow Fiend (fn), Enigma (Ghostik), Nyx (Rodjer), Disruptor (Miposhka)

On map one Vega didn't ban Enigma and Empire went for it. "Sharks", however, built their composition around macro gameplay and pick-offs in order to not let "imperials" fight as a team.

It was working out just fine - Night Stalker did the early game, but one gank turned everything. "Sharks" took down Enigma, but lost 3 heroes including Lifestealer and the advantage became minimal. Empire offlaner got his BKB and they started looking for teamfights. All of them ended in Empire's favor. 1:0 and Vega failed to beat Enigma once again.


Second map picks:
Vega: Razor (Alohadance), QoP (G), Tidehunter (Afterlife), Clockwerk (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
Empire: Troll Warlord (Chappie), Templar Assassin (fn), Sand King (Ghostik), Enchantress (Rodjer), Bane (Miposhka)

On the second map Enigma got banned, so Ghostik had to play Sand King. Earlygame was even, but "sharks" went far ahead in midgame, took Roshan after one fight.

Aegis wasn't of much profit, but second Roshan and cheese were of great use. Empire's barracks didn't last long and "sharks" got the 10k gold advantage that let them win another fight for 3rd Roshan together with the game.


Third map picks:
Vega: Bristleback (Alohadance), Shadow Fiend (G), Tidehunter (Afterlife), Night Stalker (CeMa), Bane (Silent)
Empire: Lone Druid (Chappie), Timbersaw (fn), Axe (Ghostik), Nyx (Rodjer), Disruptor (Miposhka)

Third game began the same as the other starting games. "Sharks" looked stronger than the opponent on lanes, transfered into midgame with confidence. Moreover, they even took the opponent's t3 quickly but then made a mistake, gave away seceral heroes and it was Empire's time to take the lane.

"Sharks" found strength to come back, took a set of barracks, tried to do more but Empire were fighting just perfect. It all came down to the moment when even a perfect Ravage wasn't able to win them fights and Vega had to accept their defeat here.


Fourth map picks:
Vega: Razor (Alohadance), Dragon Knight (G), Abaddon (Afterlife), Clockwerk (CeMa), Bane (Silent)
Empire: Troll Warlord (Chappie), Batrider (fn), Broodmother (Ghostik), Kunkka (Rodjer), Bane (Miposhka)

On this map Empire took Batrider in the first stage, he went mid against DK and Broodmother went offlane. It seemed like Ghostik will decide the outcome of the game just like yesterday but "sharks" ganked the remaining "imperials" better and soon got the right items. With all that stuff they started killing the broodmama herself.

Without outfarm Broodmother wasn't that scary and Batrider became useless very soon, so it all came down to one last map.


Fifth map picks:
Vega: Lycan (Alohadance), QoP (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Nyx (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
Empire: Razor (Chappie), Juggernaut (fn), Clockwerk (Ghostik), Riki (Rodjer), Warlock (Miposhka)

On map five Empire fixed their laning issues by picking strong heroes that can put pressure anywhere around the map. Queen of Pain by G was seriously hunter and Alohadance wasn't able to farm as much as Juggernaut did.

The bigger problem were poor "sharks" supports that had no options of taking part in the combo that Vega made a bet on. Losing 10k gold with a snowball-oriented pick was lethal and miracle didn't happen.

3:2 and Vega didn't make it to The Summit.