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Vega on BeyondTheSummit tournament: schedule, opponents, brackets 12.12.2018 Author // Ace

Тhe tournament is scheduled for December 12-16th. First teams will be playing the groupstage that consists of bo2 matches with round robin system. Two best teams will advance to play-off upper brackets, everyone else will have to fight in the lower brackets. Every play-off match will be using bo3 format except for bo5 finals.


December 12, Wednesday

18:00 CET – vs Happy Guys (Illidan, Stormstormer, Buugi, AfrOmoush, syndereN)

Happy Guys became the team to replace Gambit right before the tournament. This EU stack with no organization is surprisingly stable: they only made one replacement - syndereN replaced the Ukrainian player Kzar with a German 2nd position player Stormstormer. What goes to the results, they aren't satisfying so far. The team constantly fails the open qualifiers to the DPC tournaments. They haven't found luck in the online tournaments so far.

20:00 CET – vs Team Spirit (oliver, Nine, HesteJoe-Rotten, Biver, fng)

Second place curse continues for the "dragons". It's been present for more than one season already. Spirit lost in the match with a Major invite at stake and recently accepted defeat from Gambit in ESL One Katowice qualifier finals, even with one map advantage. What goes to the online part, fng team is doing quite well - the team has already won two tournaments.


December 13, Thursday

22:00 CET – vs Empire Hope (dream, kodos, MYSmoon, Sayuw, BLACKARXANGEL)

Even though Empire claimed both rosters are equal, everyone considered Hope as the second roster. And it wasn't surprising as the most experienced players in the team were MYSmoon adn Sayuw. But what did surprise the fans, though, was the fact that the "newbie" roster displayed better results than the original one with Miposhka and G. Guys advanced to the Major qualifier play-offs and performed decent on Minor qualifiers, even though they didn't quite make it to the LAN part.


December 14, Friday

20:00 CET – vs Alliance (qojqva, miCKe, Boxi, iNSaNiA, Taiga)

Alliance have been playing together for more than a year. During a year the only replacement was qojqva taking Loda's place. The latter became the coach of the team, and it worked. Even though the guys didn't make it to The International, they are already packing their stuff for the second Major of the season.

22:00 CET – vs No Panglier (Naive, Ceyler, Ghostik, Zayac, SlayeR)

No doubt this squad is the sensation of the November-December season in Dota. The CIS Rejects style team didn't just one a match or two, no, they've been displaying great results for quite a while now. Moreover, noPango already managed to beat Virtus.Pro on CIS qualifiers to the Major and are now probably choosing which organization they want to join among many offers.