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Vega begins on WellPlay Season 8 on April 17th 15.04.2017 Author // Ace

ВOn Monday, April 17th Vega Squadron begin on WellPlay Invitational Season 8 brackets. Traditionally, there are 8 teams participating, 7 of them, including Vega, ProDotA, Spirit, NiP, Effect, Cloud9 and Penta have been invited directly and one more team will join them using open qualifiers.

The prize pool is $3,000, $2500 of those will be given to the winner and $500 to the second place taker. Tournament will be using Double Elimination brackets, all matches will be bo3 except  for the finals that will be bo5.

Vega's opponent for the first round will be ProDotA gaming with the following roster: Garter, Keyser, 33, MiLAN, j4. The match is scheduled for Monday, April 17 at 17:00 MSK.