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Vega begins on Galaxy Battles qualifier with a victory 31.05.2017 Author // Ace

On Galaxy Battles qualifier Vega Squadron faced Anji.


Vega: Gyrocopter (Alohadance), Outworld Devourer (G), Clockwerk (Afterlife), Nyx (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
Anji: Antimage (Sedoy), QoP (Pikachu), Magnus (yoky), Bane (Nofear), Kunkka (Chuvash)

In the first match both teams went for old strategies. Anji took Bane that was spamming Enfeeble on midlane and Vega picked Gyrocopter.

However, "sharks" bet on earlygame didn't pay off. Even thought gank potential was there and lanes were quite strong, Anji were one step ahead and "squadron" didn't make have much profit of those ganks. But when Vega got their artifacts and levels, they went 5k gold ahead in a blink of an eye.

The outcome of the game was decided in 2 Antimage ganks that brought Vega complete map control and Cheese with Aegis. And it wasn't only about Antimage, the recipe of success was in fact that all remaining Anji heroes were not relevant when "sharks" could count on impact from all of their heroes. 5 heroes > outfarmed Antimage.

So, Vega scored their first victory on the tournament.