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Vega begin on The Kiev Major qualifiers with 2 losses 10.03.2017 Author // Ace

This Friday Vega Squadron were playing their matches on the first CIS Major qualifiers. First two matches were against Effect and Empire.


Vega Squadron – Effect

Vega: Ursa (Ditya Ra), Invoker (G), Magnus (Mag), Chen (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)
Effect: Lifestealer(Sedoy), Sniper (Afoninje), Centaur Warrunner (Shachlo), Doom (Rodjer), Crystal Maiden (ArsZeeqq)

On the first map Vega went for Chen setup, but the opponent adjusted to "sharks" and had the advantage during earlygame. "Squadron" didn't look very collected and started playing at minute 20 with quite some disadvantage. Macro movements helped them stay in the game and eventually they even managed to even the game out.

At some point "sharks" took 2 lanes after catching enemy on mistakes, but later in the game the stronger and the easier to make use of pick of team Effect payed off. "Sharks" began their series of games with a defeat.


Vega Squadron – Empire

Vega: Slark (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Brewmaster (Mag), KotL (SoNNeikO), Ogre Magi (CeMa)
Empire: Lone Druid (Chappie), Invoker (fn), Night Stalker (Ghostik), Earth Spirit (Miposhka), Crystal Maiden (KingR)

Earlygame in the next game was a complete nightmare for Vega. This time their opponent was controlling the game even harder and the opponent had heroes that are not only useful in lategame, but in midgame as well. Moreover, luck was also on Empire's side and CM killed G twice with invis rune.

This time macro wasn't really working out for Vega. Even though Empire didn't manage to finish the game with the first Roshan, the victory was confident nonetheless. After losing 2 maps in a row "sharks" put themselves in a troublesome situation.