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Vega begin on D2CL with confidence 14.02.2017 Author // Ace

In another Dota 2 Champions League season Vega Squadron began against a team that went through open qualifiers, Insane People.


Team picks:
Vega: Lycan (Ditya Ra), Lone Druid (G), Batrider (Mag), Ogre Magi (SoNNeikO), Disruptor (CeMa)
Insane People: Lifestealer (R3inart), Sniper (Pikachu), Brewmaster (Blu3), Earth Spirit (Luft), Lich (Pellikan)

Finally in a game against Vega Squadron Lone Driud wasn't banned and the opponent decided to ban Sniper. "Sharks" picked Lycan for the first time in 7.02, a singnature hero for Ditya Ra.

As it usually happens in a game between teams of different tiers, Insane People had decent laning phase. Their ganking was good, they were farming well and were leading in kills. 2:5 first, 5:11 later. But as it almost always happens, the more experienced team takes midgame and increases the advantage there.

Even when leading a couple thousands of net worth Insane People were taking fights they didn't need and lost their advantage in a couple minutes. Consider that it was around minute 25, when both Lycan and Lone Druid are at the peak of their form, and then add Aegis to that - you recieve a recipe for Vega's absolute domination around the map.

"Sharks" didn't wait and finished the game in no time.