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Vega beats TyLoo and is one step away from going to the Major 01.07.2017 Author // Ace

In the third tour of PGL Major LAN qualifiers Vega Squadron faced the Asian team for the first time in their history.

Despite great results in a match against Liquid on Inferno, Vega decided to not play tricks with their destiny and banned signature Chinese Mirage. Vega began as attack and took the 7:2 lead and in one of the seemingly-lost rounds jR made an incredible quadro-kill. Unfortunately, after that "sharks" only took one round even though were close in every other one.

In such situation second half pistol round was to decide everything and "squadron" had problems with that. And this time black-n-blue were not able to take the lead.

Considering that teams are great as attack now, Vega's sitation was critical. However, Chinese attack wasn't surprising to "squadron". After the usual 3:0 Vega didn't give away any more rounds. TyLoo were the victims of their own passive attack tactics and were punished with a 16:10 score - Vega are one step away from going to the Major.