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Vega beats Comanche in crazy bo3 series 07.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron faced Comanche on DAC 2017 once again. This time in lower brackets.


First map picks:

Vega: Troll Warlord (Ditya Ra), Ember spirit (G), Sand king (Mag), Earth spirit (SoNNeikO), Winter wyvern (CeMa)

Comanche: Rubick (Misha), Pudge (Chuvash), Omniknight (XaKoH), Centaur warrunner (iLTW), Terrorblade (Ark.)


The beginning of the game was a failure for Vega. SoNNeikO gave away first blood deep in the enemy jungle. Opponent supports started movements around the map and didn't let "squadron" farm. Vega slowed down the pace of the game and didn't let this map end in midgame. Moreover, they even stole Roshan and snatched Aegis, but lost a fight and then a set of "rax". Trying to come back into the game "sharks" even manage to take down all tier-2 towers, but Comanche won a fight on enemy base and finished the game.


Second map picks:

Vega: Ursa (Ditya Ra), Templar Assassin (G), Slardar (Mag) Ogre magi (SoNNeikO), Ancient apparition (CeMa)

Comanche: Dazzle (Misha), Earth spirit (Chuvash), Nyx assassin(XaKoH), Shadow fiend (iLTW), Naga siren  (Ark.)


After winning lane phase Vega cores were free farming. G's Templar Assassin was on the very top of net worth charts - Vega's midlaner had 2 times more gold than the closest opponent.

Last tier-2 tower of Comanche was destroyed before minute 20. However, Naga still obtained Radiance and didn't let Vega get up enemy highground. Vega found an answer - after a couple Roshan kills they managed to destroy all barracks on mid and then half on botlane. With such advantage they won a couple more teamfights and then the game.


Third map picks:

Vega: Juggernaut (Ditya Ra), Templar Assassin (G), Nyx assassin (Mag) Earth spirit (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)

Comanche: Witch doctor (Misha), Pudge (Chuvash), Dark seer (XaKoH), Shadow fiend (iLTW), Ursa (Ark.)


Compared to first maps, third one was rotation-heavy and active. Supports were mostly focused on middle and after a couple ganks G gets the First Blood. Despite good start, "sharks" started making mistakes and were caught out. In order to stabilize the situation "squadron" started split pushing and distracted the opponent from their own base. In a fight for another Roshan G snatches Aegis, but Vega still loses 5 heroes. It looked like it's all over for Vega, but in next teamfights Vega were only winning. After one of the fights Comanche are losing 2 sets of barracks. After taking Roshan with no resistance Vega continues pushing.

SoNNeikO makes a stone combo on Ursa and Vega annihilates the poor bear. Comanche managed to fight back with 3 buybacks. Next try and "indians" have nothing to defend with - Vega are winning the series.