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Vega beat LCL leaders 11.03.2017 Author // Ace

The 11th match of LCL Regular Season for Vega Squadron was against Vaevictis eSports, the leaders at the moment.


Vega: Renekton (NoNholy), Elise (Zanzarah), Syndra (Drobovik123), Varus (LeX), Malzahar (Edward)
Vaevictis: Warwick (DarkSolece), Rengar (DoubleAim), Ahri (Lukezy), Sivir (Unho1y), Lulu (Dimonko)

Game began with Vega's drafts. "Sharks" botlane took blue buff in enemy jungle and Zanzarah camped top and got his Renekton some boost. NoNholy was going 5:1 at some point, but "sharks" sacrificed bot and mid for that. On minute 15 Vega went for a bad fight that, lost 4 heroes and only took 1. So, Vaevictis got a couple thousand gold lead. 2 minutes later same thing happened and the gap reached 3k gold.

"Sharks" were not losing hope and didn't let the game end like this. They were waiting for opponent mistakes and got their opportunities. On 2 sides of the map Vaevictis made several mistakes. Ahri got caught on top and 2 enemy heroes dove too deep to kill the Crocodile and died for it. Vega took Baron, increased the pace of their game and didn't lose a single fight ever since.

Vega finished the game in 30 minutes and returned their confidence in capability of taking high positions in brackets.