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Vega beat GODSENT 26.03.2017 Author // Ace

In the first closed qualifier round of DreamHack Austin Vega Squadon faced one of the favorites of the quali's, GODSENT.



First map was Overpass that has become a signature map for "sharks". Despite that fact, GODSENT took the lead at start. After losing the pistol round as attack, Vega managed to take the device one, but then lost 5 more. From this point on it was Vega's turn to catch up - 6 confident rounds in a row and the 8:7 half in favor of GODSENT.

Vega took the pistol round as CT but then immediately lost the force. They had a chance to fix it all in round 3, they almost took force-buy being 5v2, but "sharks" had bad positions, low health and absence of grenades. Enemy planted the bomb and didn't let the opponent defuse. Later on pronax and his team never let their fans have any doubt in their strength, winning this map.



Vega fans are not having good associations with Train. "Sharks" got an epic map in Leipzig agains BiG, but still lost. But this time fortune and of course skill were on Vega Squadron side. They won 8:1 as defence and it even came down to 13:2 in the first half. "Sharks" took the pistol round, then a couple more rounds and took what's theirs with a 16:5 score.



On Mirage Vega were high on courage. At some point they were leading 8:0 as defence, but opponent finished the half with a more-or-less acceptable score of 11:4. As CT GODSENT even took the pistol round, but had to accept defeat from Chopper's Desert Eagle on force-buy. After this episode the winner was obvious. Vega didn't make serious mistakes and won the series.