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Vega are out of the fight for the International 7 29.06.2017 Author // Ace

В матче нижней сетки «акулы» уступили Team Spirit.


First map picks:
Vega: Venomancer (Alohadance), Lina (G), Nyx (Afterlife), Kunkka (SlayeR), Shadow Shaman (Silent)
Spirit: Faceless Void (633), Razor (Iceberg), Sand King (DKPhobos), Rubick (FNG), Jakiro (Vanskor)


On map one Vega left themselves with no initiation or tanks in the draft and faced a lot of problems because of that. On laning phase Spirit's stable heroes prove to be more useful. In midgame "sharks" started making mistakes not only in fights but also in macro which was a huge surprise considering that Vega were known for their macro gameplay on these qualifiers. 

As result, Spirit took this map without facing resitstance. .


Пики второй карты:
Vega: Drow Ranger (Alohadance), Storm Spirit (G), Puck (Afterlife), Treant Protector (SlayeR), Witch Doctor (Silent)
Spirit: Faceless Void (633), Templar Assassin (Iceberg), Broodmother (DKPhobos), Clockwerk (FNG), Jakiro (Vanskor)


On the second map Vega came back to Treant Protector but then decide to go with an unusual Drow Ranger pick that didn't show up on these qualifiers so far. It felt that Vega were not feeling comfortable after the ffirst game, they had bad lanes and even made micro mistakes.

Team Spirit went ahead after minute 10 considering that their lategame potential was much stronger. Broodmother was out of control and Templar Assassin got boosted much more than any "squadron" hero.

After yesterday's 140 minute game Vega didn't recover properly, made drafting mistakes and lost the series with no chances. Another The International without "sharks" taking part in it.