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Vega are out of ECS Development League 26.02.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron once again made it to ECS Development League decisive matches and stopped a couple steps away from it.


Vega Squadron – eXtatus (bo1)

The day began with a rivalry between "sharks" and eXtatus. Teams met on IEM Katowice and back then Eastern Europe team were stronger but were disqualified since Frozen wasn't meeting the age cap.

Taking rematch wasn't really a thing - Frozen had an awful Train and finished last in his team. Being left without their core player eXtatus wasn't as strong and lost with a 16:9 score due to their weak defense.


Vega Squadron – Space Soldiers (bo3)

Next matches were bo3 and Vega Squadron opponent was strong - best Turkish team called Space Soldiers. Vega went for Overpass, Turks went with Train and Cache was picked as decider map.

On Overpass we've seen pure massacre. Space Soldiers got ahead quickly as attack, but double AWP by Vega made them stop their rush and the first half finished with minimal gap in Turkish team's favor. It looked like "sharks" are taking care of the second half, but then a couple important mistakes let the game advance into overtime phase. Still, Vega managed to take what's theirs.

Train was pretty much the same: Turkish team is ahead, Vega are a bit behind. But there wasn't a confident ending this time. Every round was important and close, small details were the key here and this time fortune was on Space Soldiers side - 16:13.

What goes to Cache that Vega used to beat NiP and FlipSId3 on, it was a disaster. "Sharks" were not feeling okay as defense and lost 12:3. After taking the pistol round as attack they made it to overtime, but "sharks" looked weak as CT once again and lost the map together with the series.