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Vega are in lower bracket finals on Epicenter 13.05.2017 Author // Ace

In lower bracket semifinals Vega Squadron faced Team Empire.


First map picks:
Vega: Chaos Knight (Alohadance), Ursa (G), Omniknight (Afterlife), Pudge (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
Empire: Lifestealer (Chappie), Templar Assassin (fn!), Nature’s Prophet (Ghostik), Spirit Breaker (Miposhka), Windranger (KingR)

On map one Vega took advantage on picking phase. Empire used their last drafts, so Vega replied with Chaos Knight to opponents' cores and Empire had nothing to do with it. The only their option was taking the lead in earlygame, and it didn't happen.

CK got himself an early Midas, killed the offlaner and Empire just got lost. On minute 27 they lost 2 lanes and accepted defeat.


Second map picks:
Vega: Troll Warlord (Alohadance), Shadow Fiend (G), Batrider (Afterlife), Rubick (CeMa), Ogre Magi (Silent)
Empire: Spectre (Chappie), Storm Spirit (fn!), Clockwerk (Ghostik), Riki (Miposhka), Warlock (KingR)

The next game was much harder. Yes, Vega got rid of fn on midlane, but Afterlife's game was hard as well - he died twice to Spectre. "Sharks" were fighting poorly in midgame and were losing 4-10 on minute 14.

"Squadron" were hoping for 2 BKB's, gem on Batrider and second Roshan, but they lost gem right after purchase and BKB's were bought not at the same time, so Empire snowballed even harder. Their victory was just a matter of time.


Third map picks:
Vega: Juggernaut (Alohadance), Ember Spirit (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Earthshaker (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Silent)
Empire: Spectre (Chappie), Templar Assassin (fn!), Dark Seer (Ghostik), Earth Spirit (Miposhka), Diruptor (KingR)

On third map Vega were expecting Spectre and went for agressive pick and didn't make any mistakes while transfering from earlygame into midgame. "Sharks" were leading 10k gold but, as it always happens, died on Roshan.

All advantage was lost, "sharks" tried to take it back and even destroyed the opponent's t3 tower. Vega tried to play carefully around Roshan, but Empire still found a way to go for a fight, turned the game around and killed the stone-headed Aegis owner. Nevertheless, Vega tried to make the most use of any situation from this point on.

Game reached the lategame swing phase where Spectre was losing to Juggernaut and even to LC. Vega put a lot of effort to win the game and were rewarded.