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Vega are happy to greet a new AD Carry in League of Legends roster 02.06.2016 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron is joined by Rytis "Ritix" Lekstutis. Lithuanian AD Carry used to play in many famous EU teams including Copenhagen Wolves. The last team he played in was Victorious Ace.


Team's coach,  Alexey «Sharkz» Taranda's comment:

- Our previous AD Carry, Tauren, had to take a break from playing and focus on studying, so we needed a new ADC. Igor' is still in the team, however, as a stand-in.

We had short try-outs of CIS ADC but soon realized that there wasn't a single person to play and practice on the same level with us. So we searched among the English-speaking players and we immediately fell in love with Ritix. Moreover, he even knew Edward. He understand Russian to a certain extent and already fit into the team. Among his achievements you can see 2 accounts being top-200 on EUW and a huge experience of playing in a team of Copenhagen Wolves level.


Rytis "Ritix" Lekstutis. comment:

- I'm really happy that I've joined Vega. I think this team has a lot of potential, players and organization are very friendly and supportive. My main goal is winning Wildcard and with this team I feel like we can do it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to bring team more success and make the team overall better with my consistency and game knowledge I got throughout all those years!


First Ritix games as a part of Vega Squadron will happen next weekend on LCL. In those matches "sharks" will face Vaevictis and Na'Vi.