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Vega are in CIS Minor lower brackets 10.06.2017 Author // Ace

In the first match Vega faced a surprising victor of group B, team pro100.

This match could be explained in one phrase: "Vega begins and wins". Both on Cache and Nuke Vega had a head start, got far ahead and let their opponents only have a couple rounds in the first half. And even if on Cache pro100 won the second pistol round a some more, on Nuke they accepted defeat with 4 rounds taken only. 16:5, 16:4 and Vega are in top-3.

Then Vega faced an expected opponent, Tengri. Picks were the following: Cache (Vega), Overpass (Tengri), Mirage. Cache looked like Mirage teams played in Thursday, with one little note: the sides were swapped. Both teams were successful as attack, Tengri took the 11:4 but let the opponent come back into the game. "Sharks" had a chance to make it 16:14, but Vega lost it after losing with a mediocre buy on opponent's side. However, Tengri took only one round in overtime, so Vega opened the scores.

"Sharks" were in the positive mood as they know what Overpass is but had to catch up again. This time the first half was lost 10:5 and the second half pistol round was taken as well. Unfortunately force buy was lost and "sharks" didn't make it just a little - 13:16.

Mirage start wasn't positive for "sharks" as well. Despite close rounds and constant plants, Tengri were stronger in clutches. 12:3 were promising only theoretical chances for comeback and there wasn't a miracle to happen.