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Vega against new hope in French CS:GO 18.12.2018 Author // Ace

French Counter-Strike has been living through a heavy crisis for quite a while now. France used to have two top teams and scene frequently discovered new talents every year. But the last big victory for French CS:GO has happened more than a year ago: back in September 2017 G2 won DreamHack Masters Malmo. Since then the squad lost the legend status after London Major and is now somewhere in top-30 according to HLTV. It is also important to know, that Team EnVy decided to say farewell to their French roster to get an American one instead.

So, the second strongest team became Team Vitality that Vega Squadron will face on December 18th at 17:00 CET. And this particular squad may be considered the true hope of French CS:GO. They are not so far behind G2 in HLTV rating - a great result for a team that isn't directly invited to lots of LAN tournaments.

Vitality roster consists of the following players: NBK, apEX, Happy, RpK, ZywOo and their coach, XTQZZZ. The names are quite well-known. Moreover, even the most "toxic" people in the CS:GO community wouldn't be able to name the "weak spot" in the roster or "someone's friend sitting on a paycheck". Every single player in the roster knows his job and even when their old teams were in decline, guys didn't look bad at all.

However, the main playmaker of the team is Mathieu «ZywOo» Herbaut, and he only turned 18 last month. Not so long before his birthday this young sniper helped his team win their first LAN tournament, DreamHack Open Atlanta. In the toughest series against compLexity ZywOo carried his team without almost any help. Mathieu finished the three maps with a final score of 81:40, 107.4 ADR and 1.66 rating.

Herbaut is already called the "new s1mple" and he is the main concern of every Vitality opponent. Will Vega manage to deal with such a dangerous sniper?