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Vega acquires Dota 2 squad! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

After Heroes of the Storm squad, Blizzards big up and coming MOBA title still in alpha phase, we are heading in same direction, same genre, and we are announcing professional Dota 2 squad, that will surely be one of the strongest squads in Vega, together with SC2 squad.

We are happy to present you that ex Russian FederationMicare In Tenebris (MIT), professional russian Dota 2 squad is joining Vega Squadron, and will defending our colours and flags in StarLadder PRO division as currently rank 1 team in their league division, aswell presenting us in joinDOTA league and upcoming online cups and tournaments.

Lets introduce our Dota 2 lineup:

Russian FederationVladislav "xz_lo9d" Drozdov - Dota 2 manager

Russian FederationArtem "Sharfik" Marzavin
Russian FederationAndrew "ANDROIDp" Pishchikov
Russian FederationAndrew "The_apathy"Aleshkov
UkraineVladislav "Unstoppp" Kostyuk
Russian FederationAlexander "Hunter" Gurov

Russian FederationVladislav "xz_lo9d" Drozdov - Vega DOTA2 Manager: 
"We are very pleased to join an organization such as Vega. Hopefully together we reached new heights and it will show what we are capable. Our current goal is to qualify for STAR division of StarLadder, and we hope with Vega help and support we can achieve that"

CroatiaVanja "HighArT" Šimunec - Vega General Manager:
"After quite some period of searching for proper Dota 2 team that would fit our organization, i think we finally found one, a proper one. Playing in top of the PRO division of StarLadder and ambitions for STAR division is not small thing, and their motivation plus our support can make wonders. Welcome guys, hope you can bring us lot of joy and good results!"