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Vega accepts defeat from Spartak and leaves SL i-League Invitational 16.09.2017 Author // sirVatum

In SL i-League Invitational Vega Squadron faced Spartak eSports.

First map picks:
Vega: Phantom Lancer (Alohadance), Spirit breaker (CemaTheSlayeR), Legion commander (G), Ancient apparition  (Silent), dark seer (AfterLife)
Spartak: Disruptor (Misha), Slardar (chuvash), Nature’s prophet (yoky), Queen of pain (633), Terrorblade (Ark)

Vega tried to get early advantage, Phantom Lancer got a good boost and started pushing. At first glance "sharks" got everything under control, but Spartak went for exchanges and started going ahead in midgame.
Teams played around vision being scared of each other.
"Squadron" lost the initiative, G didn't find any duel kills and opponents were making good use of it - they were taking Roshans and found solo kills.
Vega tried to resist, but they had to deal with megacreeps after minute 45. "Sharks" went for last push but it didn't save the game. First map ended in Spartak favor.

Second map picks:
Vega: Phantom Lancer (Alohadance), Spirit breaker (CemaTheSlayeR), Templar assassin (G), Ancient apparition  (Silent), puck (AfterLife)
Spartak: Bane (Misha), Slardar (chuvash), Nature’s prophet (yoky), Mirana (633), Anti-mage (Ark)

Spartak got the game in their hands. Vega had serious problems on laning phase trying to create space for Antimage. By midgame things got a little brighter for "sharks", but advantage in items did it's thing for Spartak.
Despite unexpected movements and actions from "squadron" Spartak were playing casually and pushed Vega to their highground. By minute 30 the first tier 3 tower fell and the gold advantage reached 10k mark.
Opponents were pushing lanes all the time but struggled to reach highground and "sharks" used it. Vega played very precise and careful and were rewarded with an incredible comeback. The scores got back even.

Third map picks:
Vega: Ursa (Alohadance), Earthshaker (CemaTheSlayeR), Sniper (G), Lich  (Silent), Batrider (AfterLife)
Spartak: Disruptor (Misha), Earth Spirit (chuvash), Enchantress (yoky), Necrophos (633), Faceless Void(Ark)

On the decisive map "squadron" made a huge bet on lane domination. So, they came into lategame with an advantage and started taking objectives. Strong teamfight composition on opponent's side was falling down by Vega's "blitzkrieg". Vega got the right artifacts, had the right tempo going, but still failed to get up enemy highground.
The key moment was a fight around Roshan with 8 buybacks being used. Arcane rune on Faceless Void let him cast 2 ultimates in a fight and it did cost Vega all the advantage. Spartak made megacreeps and finished the game.