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Vega accepts defeat from Alternate on D2CL 21.03.2017 Author // Ace

On D2CL Vega Squadron faced Alternate Attax.


Vega: Torll Warlord (Ditya Ra), Storm Spirit (Ditya Ra), Clockwerk (Mag), Earth Spirit (CeMa), Rubick (SoNNeikO)
ATN: Juggernaut (Exotic_Deer), Magnus (Supreme), Legion Commander (Nisha), KotL (kacor), Silencer (eL LisaH)

Vega went for some experiments in that match. First of all, Mag was picking and CeMa switched to position 4 on SoNNeikO's place. Storm Spirit suddenly appeared in the picks that "sharks" rarely picked for G.

So, Vega went for agressive trilane that was quite effective mostly because G was safe on mid and could not be ganked. It looked like Vega were to win this game with confidence, but 2 mistakes in teamfights costed them barracks on midlane.

Despite such failure, Vega came back into the game and were 17k gold ahead, but started making mistakes once again and were punished by incredibly strong lategame pick on opponent's side. Considering that the series are bo1 and the brackets are Single Elimination, "sharks" have to leave tournament.