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Torres wins Russia Cup - recap 14.05.2018 Author // Konservator

On 13th of May our FIFA player, Mikhail "Torres" Zaporozhets help the Russia Cup above his head as a rightful champion. Let's go through the main stages of the tournament with him.

After coming through the qualifiers in May, Torres started his preparations for the tournament in May and took part in RFPL in the meantime. Recently Mikhail had a lot of practice games in FUT mode that wasn't present on RFPL qualifiers. Of course, it really did affect his gameplay. He lost all 4 qualifier rounds and lost his chances to get an invite to Global Series Playoffs.

«After several lost RFPL qualifiers I was very upset - almost every strong player was there, except for me. I think it angered me to the point I even got much more motivated to win Russia Cup»

The groupstage of Russia Cup was hosted 2 months later and was using the swiss system. Torres won 4 matches out of 7 and only lost to Alexey Oleynik, Nikolay Romanenko and Anton Kostin - the stats were only stable in the first 3 tours, so fans had all the reasons to be worried inbefore play-offs.

«Not everything worked out in groupstage as I constantly changed my roster and gaming schemes - it was the reason of my struggle. Besides, I really did underestimate many opponents. Some of them performed great and got a well-deserved victory over me. I got my set-up figured out by play-offs and isolated myself from everything except for the game - it was my only focus. It worked kind of well.»

During play-offs every opponent except for the finals accepted a 2:0 defeat from Mikhail. After taking over Andrey "Timon" Guriev from CSKA analysts weren't so sure anymore and the atmosphere got hotter and hotter with every goal. Later that evening it all came down to one last match against Robert "Ufenok77" Fahretdinov from "Lokomotiv" - the current RFPL champion that Torres couldn't attend.

«During the finals I wasn't nervous at all. I already got an invite to Amsterdam by the time no matter the result. I just relaxed and tried to show the best football in every game»

With every point hit fans were more and more active. There was, however, a reason to be a littlw worried - after scoring 2 wins out of 3, Mikhail lost a goal and then got a penalty, making the scores 2:2. In the first time he managed to score a couple goals and it was already 5:0 by minute 89 - a flawless victory!

«It think the results make perfect sense. During the season I've been practicing FUT a lot and spent much time in the game. FUT Champions Cup Major in Barselona and some 2x2 games with EU teams helped me feel the power of the International FIFA scene and get some experience. All these factors brought me the right results. Thanks for your support»!



Torres got 500,000 RUB together with the Champions Cup, as well as the invite to the World Championships main qualifiers. The abovementioned competition is called Global Series Playoffs and are scheduled for May 28th - June 3rd in Amsterdam. Let's congratulate Mikhail with the victory and wish him luck on World Championships! You can do that in his VK group

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