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TI5 US and China qualifications 28.05.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Hello to all Vega fans. Now I am announcing a new set of articles devoted to The International 5. Threads are going to be published once a week and is going to be connected to different aspect of this event. We're going to begin with US and China qualifiers. We'll also touch EU quali's in which Vega is participating.

Tournament brackets look the following way:

for China

and for US

The teams that got to play-off have been pretty much obvious except for HGT that disappointed everyone and barely managed to get to the play-off stage and Wings Gaming, the "dark horse" that has been an outisder for the whole tournament.

What goes to the winners of the qualifications and the teams that will get a wild card, I'd say that US winners are going to be COL and Mousesports with COL getting to the main event. Why? First and foremost, groupstage displayed the difference between COL and Mousesports. COL felt very confident while Mouse had a lot of problems with enemies that were not supposed to be troublesome at all. Second, COL's only aiming for the victory, their constant confidence gives them great chances of getting to the main stage. But they shouldn't underestimate Mouse, they have potential for sure.

China play-off is a lot more obvious. CDEC is most likely taking the slot and EHOME get wild card and there are reasons for that. Even tho EHOME beat CDEC, CDEC are looking a lot stronger than Energy Pacemaker that they are about to face. It means we're going to see EHOME playing against CDEC again. It means CDEC is going to analyze the information they got from the first loss and adjust accordingly. CDEC are incredibly strong so it's really going to be touch for EHOME.

So, COL and CDEC are getting to the main stage, wild card goes to EHOME and Mousesports.

Let's now move on to Europe region. These qualifications are going to be the most exciting and tough for every single team participating in it.

10 teams fighting for the TI5 spot are:

  • The Alliance
  • Vega Squadron
  • Na’Vi
  • Hellraisers
  • NiP
  • Yellow Submarine
  • 4ASC
  • BU
  • PR
  • LC

They are divided into 2 groups

  1. The Alliance, BU, 4ASC, NiP and PR
  2. Vega Squadron, Na’Vi, Hellraisers, YeS and LC

First group is not balanced. The Alliance and NiP are looking significantly stronger than the other teams, but I am very excited about the second group, Vega Squadron, Na'Vi and Hellraisers are going to fight for the chance to get to play-off. When it goes to CSI teams, it's very hard to say which one is going to win.

We have Na'Vi - ex-champions that has had a lot of problems for the whole year. But we should consider the fact that Artstyle is back and the team is increasing it's level quickly.

From the other side we have Hellraisers with 4 young talented players and experienced Dread which are really interesting to watch especially if the game goes right for them. They haven't been taking a lot of tournaments lately but the team is still very strong and can easily compete with all the others.

And we have Vega Squadron that is not on "above average" level, we can beat the strongest teams from all around the world. We have Mag and Solo, who are known all around the world. Vega has the potential to win the qualifications and get to The International for sure.

But we're most likely going to see 4 teams out of 10 fighting for the spot. Tough enemies for Vega are going to be Na'Vi, The Alliance and NiP. This is what we get:

Maybe the places will be different but we're most likely going to see these 4 teams fighting for the spot. Everything depends on the teams and their motivation.

We would like to see Vega Squadron on the first place on play-off stage but unfortunately we don't have many chances against The Alliance so we might probably take the wild card. But Europe DotA is unpredictable so we still do have a chance to win a spot on the main event.

Noone can tell how things are going to turn out, so we should just believe in our team and support it on quali's.

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