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TI 5: participating and qualifying teams have been announced 08.05.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Today Valve announced the teams which were invited to The International 5. These teams will not have to qualify:

  • Vici Gaming (China)
  • Invictus Gaming (China)
  • LGD Gaming (China)
  • NewBee (China)
  • Secret Team (Europe)
  • Evil Geniuses (USA)
  • Cloud 9 (Europe)
  • Team Empire (Russia)
  • Virtus.pro (Russia)
  • Тeam Malaysia (Malaysia)


I don't think the list will surprise anyone, all the teams except Newbee showed incredible results throughout the year. Newbee, from the other side, only took 4th place on World E-sport Championships 2014, 5-8th place on i-league, 3-4th place on NEST 2014 and 13-16th place on DAC. From the other side, they took 1st places on WCA 2014, ECL 2014 Autumn, NESO 2014 and IeSF 2014 WC.

Also Valve announced the teams which will have to fight to get into the main event. US region looks the following way: 

  • Root Gaming
  • Summer's Rift
  • Not Today
  • Team Leviathan
  • Team Tinker
  • Void Boys
  • compLexity Gaming
  • North American Rejects
  • Wheel Whreck While Whistling
  • Open Qualifications Winner

Teams fighting for an invite in Europe:

  • Vega Squadron
  • Burden United
  • Natus Vincere
  • Power Rangers
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • The Alliance
  • London Conspiracy
  • HellRaisers
  • 4 Anchors + Sea Captain
  • Open Qualifications Winner


A slot from China will be given to one of these teams:

  • TongFu
  • TongFu.Wanzhou
  • CDEC Gaming
  • NewBee Youth
  • Hyper Glory Team
  • Old Boys
  • Energy Peacemaker
  • Vici Gaming Potential
  • Open Qualifications Winner


SEA region looks like this:

  • 5eva
  • Mineski
  • Can't Say Wips
  • Rave
  • TnC Gaming
  • MVP Phoenix
  • MVP.HOT6ix
  • Signature.Trust
  • G-Guard
  • Open Qualifications Winner


Each group looks pretty interesting and the fight is going to be very serious I swear. I'd like to analyze all the regions but let's focus on the most important one for us which is the Europe region.

I feel like the matches are going to be fantastic, a bitter struggle between all the teams is expected. The qualifications will start at May, 29 and finish at June, 1. Moreover, it's hard to point out the strongest teams here. You could possibly think of Na'Vi and The Alliance, NiP and HR. But you shouldn't think that all the others are going to be easy to leave behind. Teams like BU, PR, LC, 4ASC and Vega Squadron are ready to give a fight which makes the prediction almost impossible.

What goes to Vega itself, we have good chances of getting to the main event, but for that to happen the team will have to focus on practicing and testing everything the new patch has to give. Maybe start using the forgotten heroes like Enigma, KoTL, Luna, Tinker, Undying, Pugna, QoP and so on. From the other side, I'm sure Cema and the others know best. Vega can show amazing dota and surprise everyone.

A huge problem for us are going to be Na'Vi, The Alliance and NiP. While you can expect a certain playstyle from NiP, teams like Na'Vi and The Alliance are very tricky. You never know what strategies these teams have and what they can surprise you with.

Well, you can discuss the winners of the qualifications a lot and try to predict as much as you want, but we'll find everything out in the beginning of June. I wish best of luck to Vega Squadron and hope guys will do their best to show us incredible dota. Cheers!

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