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The swings are over: Vega loses to Gambit 04.03.2017 Author // Ace

After a break during IEM Katowice Vega Squadron faced Gambit Gaming in the 9th tour of LCL Regular Season.


Vega: Shen (NoNholy), Kha’Zix (Zanzarah), Ryze (Drobovik123), Sivir (Lex), Malzahar (Edward)
Gambit: Rumble (Firees), Rengar (Diamondprox), LeBlanc (zoiren), Varus (NikSar), Archie (TahmKench)

Vega fans had their reasons to be worried when LeBlanc and Rengar were given away. The second factor was Drobovik123 dying early to a successful Gambit gank. Then we've seen something that looked like a stomp by the penultimate team in LCL.

Gambit won a couple more fights, took Nashor, but failed to make use of it. "Sharks" got themselves a couple kills, then came back into the game. They took Baron themselves, but made a couple mistakes and threw the game back in Gambit's hands. The opponent had 4 stacks of buffs by the time with 3 being infernal and one mountain.

Gambit then went for Elder Dragon, but once again didn't benefit from it and it all came down to crazy swings. Vega were making risky moves and sometimes they haven't been paying off. Eventually Gambit took 3 champions and finished the game.