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Start of SC2ITL Season 3! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

Here we are. New season of SC2 Improve Team League is right here behind the corner, starting next week. After last season's 2nd place and unexpected 0-4 loss vs ATGaming in finals, we will try to climb one step ahead this season and secure the trophy that we were so close to. 
Season 3 will be even better, maintaining quality of teams on quite same level as last, aswell with bigger prize pool, which climbs over 500€ plus hardware prizes. Team lineups? Simply amazing. Including KoreaStarTale, SwitzerlandmYi, UkraineCascade, FranceaAa, NetherlandsATGaming, GermanyESC, GermanyaTn and others.

Division 1 is divided into 2 groups, A and B, 12 teams in each one. 

Lets just say, one of the favourites for winning the whole competition, SwitzerlandmYi, will be our opponent and competitor for top 4 places in our division that leads to playoffs. Except mYi, here are good teams like GermanyESC, GermanyaTn, NetherlandsECV, teams that we are familiar with, as we successfully faced them last season. First matches are starting next week, when we open round 1 with match vs decent polish team, PolandSForge.

Finnaly lets make some predictions for top 4 contenders in our division:

1. SwitzerlandmYi
2. Russian FederationVega
3. United KingdomKarnage
4. Russian FederationErA / PolandSForge