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Solo: «I had a lot of time to get wise» 26.01.2016 Author // Ace

The support of Dota 2 Vega Squadron squad Alexey “Solo” Berezin have told about the decision of making him the drafter of the team and shared “shark’s” attitude about the upcoming tournament Captain’s Draft 3.0.


- The decision about making me the drafter came by itself. After the LAN-final of Starladder i-League CeMa decided to rest from that role and offered any of us to try it. We discussed it and decided that it have to be me. I used to pick and coordinate in different teams before but never succeed. I had a lot of time to follow other captains and get wise. Now it’s my turn to do it. I coordinated a lot before but tried not to be involved in drafting process much.


Speaking about attitude we never have problems with it. We don’t care who we are playing against. In bo2-series versus Mamas Boys we have used tried-and-true strategies which we picked at CWs. We were absolutely confident.


Captain's Draft is an interesting tournament. It is more attractive because of different hero pool. We take it seriously but will not mourn if we don’t succeed because such format is made for fun mostly.