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SL ImbaTV #5. Guide for our fans 11.04.2018 Author // Konservator

On 12-15 of April Vega Squadron will be taking part in one of the last Minors of the season hosted in "Kiev Cybersport Arena". So e prepared this article for everyone eager to keep track of such a busy tournament.


VGJ.Thunder and Natus Vincere have been directly invited, 6 more teams went through the qualifier round. Using the GSL system, teams have been divided in 2 groups. Groupstage will last for 3 days and two best pairs will advance to Single Elimination brackets scheduled for Sunday, April 15th. All Vega Squadron matches may be found in the right block of our website.

April 12th from 11:00 to 20:00 CEST — three matches of group «A»
April 13th from 11:00 to 20:00 CEST three matches of group «B»
April 14th from 9:00 to 21:00 CEST four matches of groups «A» and «B»
April 15th from 11:00 to 22:00 CEST — three play-off matches

Where do I watch

All the matches are going one by one, so you won't have to choose from numerous parallel broadcasts. English-speaking audience will probably prefer dotastarladder_en stream. But there's a better option available - come to arena and support our team in real life!

Don't forget to check our Instagram once in a while — we will be constantly posting new photos and streams of our team in Kiev.

Who is worth watching

Our first opponent for groupstage will be SG e-Sports. Brazillian team is extremely lucky in Kiev - they were the first from their country to take part in an old-school Major, a more valuable one than the current tournaments. After some radical changes in the roster, SG began their season by surprising Vici Gaming on SL i-League #3. However, they have been cooled down by Team Liquid and Mineski. This new roster, however, lost to Vega Squadron with a 0:2 score and let us into The Perfect World Masters play-offs.

The team didn't climb any higher than 5th place on solid tournaments, but they are definetely not weak - these players are the strongest in their region, the ones to motivate others to improve and catch up with other continents. It's slow, but steady - the team is constantly displaying solid results. Their performance on stage is something their compatriouts may be proud or envy of.

If "Natus Vincere" show the same results as ours, then our fans will be able to see the CIS derby in the first day. Last time Vega Squadron were stronger, but let's be honest - both teams have the experience of stopping each other a couple steps away from triumph. This time Na'Vi will have the support of the crowd, but not all of it - we've still got Slayer!

Fnatic don't really care about fan support. Being an international roster, this team got used to be on their own. By picking Universe team didn't just get themselves some DPC points, but also got some pressure points on reckless Abed and EternalEnvy.

And still, this team is weaker than TNC and Mineski in terms of tactics and performance. After getting to a couple LANs because of the replacements, Fnatic got themselves some expereince. However, other teams from their region have already been fighting for top-4 in the meantime. The strategy with EE seems to be working - but it's not perfect. On top of that, this time pieliedie will be replaced by 343 a.k.a. Adam.

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