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Six Vega – Empire matches in season 2016/17 24.02.2017 Author // Ace

Vega – Empire is one of the most popular CIS rivalries. It's tough to find teams that have played more matches against each other for 2 years. So far teams met on different tournaments and events 27 times! However, this time we're only talking about matches that were played after The International 6.


Vega – Empire – 2:0 (bo3), WCA Europe, 29.08.2016


First match was in August. Back then Vega just arranged their roster with Iceberg and FNG while Empire were only searching for the optimal team. And it was reflected in the series that ended in a confident victory by "sharks".


Vega – Empire – 2:0 (bo3), BTS Series Europe #4, 19.09.2016


When Vega faced a complete Empire's roster, the match turned out being much more tough, but the scores stood the same. "Sharks" back then were not torn apart by internal conflicts while Empire were just not feeling right together.


Vega – Empire – 2:1 (bo3), The Summit 6, 11.10.2016


Vega were coming up to this match as favorites but the first map was lost and "sharks" were supposed to catch up. They managed to come back and advanced further in pre-qualifier brackets. Not much further, however.


Vega – Empire – 1:2 (bo3), Dota Pit League Season 5, 17.10.2016


One week later teams met on Dota Pit League qualifiers. Vega were expected to win, they even took first map, but then G and his team turned the series around and then won the series.


Vega – Empire – 2:1 (bo3), Royal Arena #2, 02.01.2017


New CIS Dota year was opened by "sharks" and "imperials" as well. On the 2nd of January teams were playing with replacements. In Empire Miposhka was replaced by ALWAYSWANNAFLY while Afterlife was taking Mag's spot on Vega's side. "Sharks" came back in the series and took 2 last games with Underlord.


Vega – Empire – 1:2 (bo3) DAC CIS Qualifiers, 05.02.2017


Last match between teams was in the beginning of January on Dota 2 Asia Championships qualifier. Empire were in their best shape and even though the 2nd map was lost, their victory was quite confident. Moreover, later they earned an invite to Shanghai.