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Silent leaves Vega Squadron 18.10.2017 Author // Konservator

Today Vega Squadron says goodbye to Airat "Silent" Gaziev that has been proctecting "sharks" tag since April 2017.

After The International 2017 Vega Squadron didn't make any changes in the roster but this decision didn't prove to be very effective. More than 3 weeks ago he was sent "to the bench" and now the organization is ready to part ways with Airat and thank him for all the bright moments in the team.

Vega Squadron sports director, Georgy "drAmer" Faleev:

— I am glad to announce that W_Zayac finally became an official Vega Squadron part. Airat's replacement took a while due to numerous qualifiers and a trip to Germany, so the announce was delayed.

Silent is an amacing person and a player, it has always been great working with him and spend time out of duty. Unfortunately, we lacked discipline in the team and we needed a captain - a person that would not just draft but also make calls inside the game. And it's best done from support's position. Bakyt did fit the team needs well and got along with everyone pretty quickly. Yes, he lacks some experience on pro-scene, but this is a matter of time, especially with teammates like his.

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster:

  • Illya «ALOHADANCE» Korobkin
  • Sergey «G» Bragin
  • Vasily «AfterLife» Shishkin
  • Bakyt «W_Zayac» Emilzhanov
  • Semion «SlayeR» Krivulya
  • Murielle «Kipspul» Huisman (coach)