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Shortly about Vega opponents on Major qualifiers groupstage 27.11.2018 Author // Ace

We will tell you the most interesting news about Liquid, NiP and TheFinalTribe.


Team Liquid


The International 2017 that finished top-4 on this year's TI will be the first opponents for "sharks" in the groupstage. "Horses" became one of the biggest disappointments this season. They failed the first Major qualifiers by not even making it out of groups. Mind you, it was because of Team Lithium, the exact same squad that plays under Vega Squadron tag right now. There were rumors that Heen would have to leave the coaching position, and he really did, but it was his idea, not management's.

Liquid still managed to take revenge from Khezu's team on Major qualifiers, but decided not to take part in the LAN finals. During the break "horses" minded their own business, for example Matumbaman, Peksu, JerAx, Topson and Buugi tried to make it to WESG LAN finals, Kuroky finished 4th on the Artifact tournament and Mind_Control stood in for NiP and really showed some decent gameplay. With all this in mind, we're not sure what Liquid will look like on the qualifiers.


Ninjas in Pyjamas


Peter Dager's team moved to Europe and really boosted up the competitive level of the region, that was already quite high. So far PPD changed 2 core heroes and is leading his team to the direct invite to TI9. On Manila Major "ninjas" finished in top-4, even though people say it was purely because of a stand-in in offlane.

After coming back home NiP had to play MegaFon Winter Clash qualifiers without any time to discover the new patch, but still beat Team Spirit. Then, however, they had to accept defeat from Natus Vincere. NiP withdrew from the tournament in order to learn the new patch and will really attend this qualifiers with a whole pack of new strategies up their sleeve.


The Final Tribe


This summer top-2 Swedish team had a couple changes. Era decided to take 3 young promising players together with Chessie (as support). We can't say it works perfectly - Adrian is criticized by analysts and fans, but he still lead his team to the Minor, being close to beating Tigers and Royal Never Give Up there. In the end, they were defeated by Vega in the lower brackets first round and finished last on the tournament.

And it's not a complete list of the challenges. TFT only made it to the closed qualifiers after letting the fresh Czech team called Hippomaniacs win the first open qualifiers. On the new patch the Swedish squad lost both of their matches on MegaFon Winter Challenge.