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«Sharks» finished third on ROG Masters 2017 10.12.2017 Author // Konservator

Second weekend of December was the date for ROG Masters 2017 finals and Vega Squadron scored "bronze" on it.

Team began their first matches on groupstage with jetlag and lost some game moments to the local teams without it. After being defeated by Grayhound and a draw with TyLoo there were tie-breakers and our team looked much stronger there. In the end our team got a weaker opponent in play-offs.

5Power Club made many critical mistakes but still made it clear - you can't lose guard at all. Asian mix let Vega Squadron advance into semifinals to take part in the CIS fight - "sharks" displayed 2 different forms in the series - they looked incredibly strong on Overpass and the first half of Mirage, but then made a couple important mistakes and lost the courage, losing the second map and then only taking one round on Cache.

So, Vega Squadron finished third on the tournament and earned $21,350. Now the team will get ready for offline-qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major that is hosted in Atlanta in January 12-15.


  1. Gambit Esports — $117 000
  2. TyLoo — $59 000
  3. Vega Squadron — $21 000
  4. Grayhoung Gaming — $21 000
  5. 5Power Club — $8 000
  6. Splyce — $8 000


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