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«Sharks» advance to EPICENTER qualifiers play-offs 19.09.2017 Author // Konservator

After the match with AVANGAR our CS:GO team advanced to the play-offs of EPICENTER 2017 quali's. If you missed the stream, here's the recap.

First map — Mirage

AVANGAR was supposed to work out, but it didn't - Vega's victory on knife round let them begin as defense and it was the same story as with Spirit.Academy. A failure on pistol round, then 3 more with devices, and a comeback afterwards. As result - the half won with 10:5 score. AVANGAR had a sercret strategy and they attack the weak spots and finished their half with the same score, it all came down to overtime. Vega Squadron forgot all of their mistakes and came out victorious.

Second map — Train

We have already seen a great Train by "sharks" and commentators did point that as well. Solid defense in the first half and then a complete opposite of that in the next half - unfortunately, this time AVANGAR were shooting better. Vega didn't reach overtime - it ended with a 13:16 score, last map was Inferno.

Third map — Inferno

You expect incredible concentration and the best aim on the last map, especially on Inferno. But Vega went for all-in using rush of B-plan with cheap devices in the very desperate situation. And it was working out even with great shooting skills of the enemy sniper! After finishing the half with 12:3 score our team didn't let the opponent come back by winning the pistol round. Only 3 points were given to the Kazakhstan team for the whole match.

Vega Squadron beats AVANGAR with a 2:1 score and advances to EPICENTER 2017 qualifiers play-offs. In the first round of Double Elimination brackets we'll face the opponent that will take first place in Group A - Natus Vincere, Quantum Bellator Fire, forZe or Team Spirit.