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Scoobyxie: «Doing graduate work on bootcamp» 04.06.2019 Author // Ace

Our youngest CS:GO player Alexander "Scoobyxie" Marinich told us about his road to pro-career and his games with starix and seized.

About Counter-Strike career:

— I started playing because my brother did. I think, many people can relate. I began in Counter-Strike: Source, and nothing worked out at start, but eventually I reached decent level for Ukraine. There wasn't any competition there, though. My teams had neither contracts nor salaries and there wasn't anything to be proud of as well. When CS:GO got realeased, I didn't like it and stopped playing at all.

But then, in 2014, when I saw how the game grew compared to CS 1.6 back, saw these Majors, I got the motivation again: I played matchmaking and FACEIT. I've been thinking about professional career and joined some semi-pro mixes in 2016. A year and a half ago I signed my first contract - it was team k1ck with starix.

Transfer to Vega Squadron:

— After WESG my contract with Runtime.gg ran out. One week later Alexander Lk- (Vega Squadron CS:GO roster manager) messaged me and invited my to try-outs with seized. I didn't think much and agreed right away, because every other offer didn't satisfy me. Vega is a great team well known in CIS.

I've been playing with the team for a week together with other players, and then I found out I was seleceted.

About studies:

— I'm on my last year in the university and don't want to drop it, even though it affects my career. The last two years of my life are all about practice matches, studies and sleep. You get really tired of that and have no time to practice individual skill. Right now I'm finishing up my bachelor degree in international law. I think education is imporant. If things don't go smooth with CS, I might go get master's degree as well.

I'm doing my graduate work on bootacmp. Our practice matches end in 22-23, then players play DM, watch movies and go to sleep while I spend these 3 hours finishing my project. Hence, I don't sleep well and feel sick. It's really annoying.