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RSTL Season 6 soon to take off! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

After last seasons's 3rd place, livezerg we are heading into 6th season of Russian Starcraft 2 Team League (RSTL) which is growing every season and becoming bigger and bigger, slowly overtaking teams from all over of Europe, not just CIS. Of course we expect a lot this season, at least one step more then last season, and fight for the throne.

Top EU teams such GermanyAi. and RomaniaNrS did quit the league, but that doesn't mean league will be easy for us. There are still good teams like UkrainecSc, FranceaAa. and SwedenprOp which will fight for trophy and money prizes for first 3 places. 

Surely, league is not on the last season's level, but it's still decent and unpredictable. Seems like we will fight with french teams FrancepLine and FrancenB for top 2 spots that lead directly to round 8 of playoffs. Teams from 3-6 position are going to round of 16 in playoffs and they are having little harder path to finals. That could be SloveniaMiA, Russian FederationRuW and European UnionRedBlood, team which gathered pretty decent squad lately.

In other division we can predict fight between UkrainecSc and last season runner up SwedenProperty for 1st place, but dutch team NetherlandsESC can surely surprise everyone in group and catch spot which leads directly to round of 8. Surely we expect FranceaAa to advance to playoffs without any bigger problems. 

Vega.SC2 RSTL lineup:

Russian FederationLiveZerg
Russian FederationCoolTea
Russian FederationDmC
Russian FederationSpellSinger
Russian FederationCreed