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Retrospective: the most symbolic Vega Squadron CS:GO matches 29.08.2018 Author // Konservator

Each team has a special time in it's history that wouldn't be forgotten in the darkest of times. In eports it's mostly the victories that enhance the battle spirit and inspire the fans with pride. Today we'll recall three most important matches in Vega Squadron CS:GO history.


VS. NiP — ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 qualifiers


The qualifier stage has always been a good test of strength for many teams. This time noone could predict the team that's being tested. In a year "sharks" went through a couple progress tages and won their first Minor not so long before this tournament - emotions and effort were flowing like a river.

NiP have recently taken trophies from StarLadder, DreamHack and IEM, but their results were in decline by the Major tournament. In the fourth match you either win or skip the tournament completely - no previous achievements can make up for it.

«We weren't nervous at all - we understood that a defeat here would put an end to all the efforts. We got together, had a talk and decided that we'd play without pressure and enjoy the game as if it was a practice game»

— Pavel «hutji» Lashkov

Vega Squadron openeed the score on Cache and managed to hold on against rare opponent buys. Middle and garage were mostly smoked and the majority of skirmishes were situated on A plant. Swedish team only took their first point in 6th round when friberg displayed a flawless performance against our trio on plant B.



Unfortunately for NiP, it was the last mathematically won round — in the right moments "ninjas" couldn't gather or spread to track fakes. They tried to check middle through boosts and even tried to lure the opponent into a better spot, but none of the options worked.

The first half ended with a 13:2 score due to server error, and the legendary tag couldn't hold the remaining rounds due to mental pressure. Nikolay "mir" Bityukov became the MVP with leadership in 5 categories out of 6. Since then, NiP only managed to qualify for a Major one month ago.




VS. Natus Vincere — EPICENTER 2017 qualifiers


The last seriesm of the qualifiers were somewhat special - two participants withdrew from the tournament because of the upcoming CIS Minor, so Na'Vi and Vega Squadron met a couple days after "sharks" defeat in the upper bracket finals.

Train was unstable for our team. In the first half Vega had decent defense rounds, but only after 6 lost rounds. Opponents made use of our mistakes and displayed an outstanding CT side with 9 rounds in a row. The only light of hope was when the scores were 14:10, but Natus Vincere still managed to take over and both teams went to play Nuke.

The second map featured occasional "rushes" from both sides and a more confident CT side from Vega Squadron. Back in Fall 2017 the only teams to display decent results on Nuke were Na'Vi and Gambit, but our squad were quick to prove everyone wrong. After 7 rounds in the first rounds "sharks" had a better defense and made the scores back even. Everyone had to be decided on Mirage.

Traditionally, the T side was problematic — jR and co. found it hard to come back after a bad exchange in connector, but a total of 7 rounds were enough for our guys in the first half. Natus Vincere took the first 4 points as attack, but couldn't secure their advantage. So, Vega Squadron won the series together with the game - the last one for Denis "seized" Kostin in the Natus Vincere roster.



«After being defeated before, guys were definetely enjoying this victory. From the other side, it was obvious that Na'Vi weren't displaying their strongest gameplay, so we had to work harder».

— Arteom «Fierce» Ivanov, team coach


VS. FaZe Clan — ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 qualifiers


They say legends can be repeated. Sometimes you can even do that in the same studio, just for the style points. This year, our team faced FaZe Clan in the second round of Major qualifiers — the game promised to be tough, but we had to fight.

The match began with a decent pistol round that gave us 5 points and a defuse. EU roster succeeded at taking the device rounds, but they never made use of this advantage, these points never became series, so FaZe only had 3 rounds in the first half.

«We tried to play the way we can. To some extent, we were lucky that the opponent underestimated us».

— Dimitry «jR» Chervak

In defense our opponents showed much more confidence, but they couldn't predict Mac-10 rushes that people were scared of in matches against us — the three points in the first half weren't enough, and the match was lost. Suprisingly, Vega Squadron beat the favorites and the future finalists of this Major, saving this match in the list of the most notable ones.



FACEIT Major: London 2018 will bring more emotions and surprising results. Teams changed completely since the last Major, and there's only a week left inbefore the tournament to make your predictions.

принесет еще больше новых эмоций и неожиданных выступлений. С последнего мейджора составы команд существенно изменились, поэтому на догадки о результатах турнира остается всего лишь неделя.