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Presenting opponents: Effect, Liquid 09.05.2017 Author // Ace

On the 9th of May Vega Squadron will play their first matches in teamhouse. Official "sharks" website will tell you more about our opponents.


16:00 CEST – vs Effect


Team Effect expectedly entered the transfer period before The International 7 with the same roster: Sedoy, Afoninja, Shachlo, Rodjer and ArsZeeqq. As a reminder, guys has been together since January 2017 - quite an impressive time for CIS, only Empire and Virtus.Pro have been playing together longer. People were speculating about players being taken to some famous orgnizations, but reality shows that players are fine with this tag.

For a long period of time Effect have been fighting for the title of 2nd-3rd team in CIS, but now they're experiencing rough times. For the last 3 series Effect haven't taken a single map, didn't qualify for Zotac Cup and, just like Vega, dropped to the lower brackets of Epicenter and Mr.Cat qualifiers.

What goes to matches with Vega, Effect recently lost to "sharks" on DreamLeague in bo3 series but then took revenge on Zotac Cup open quali's in a bo1 match.


20:00 CEST – vs Liquid


Team Liquid were going to Kiev as one of the favorites despite weird results on DAC. Everyone considered "horses" not to practice a lot for the tournament before Major and Kuroky approved that, but Kiev Major clearly displayed that the superstar team has a couple problems. We can of course speak about minor importancy of groupstage games but poor results put Liquid in a tough situation.

Next stage team looked much stronger, but the opponents were powerful as well. Kuro and his team managed to somehow beat NewBee, they still lost to iG in a fair fight, even having some chances. As result - 8th place and a 100% TI invite gone. "Horses" will have to earn it again somehow.

Liquid has always been known for playing $5,000 prize pool tournaments right after taking 2nd place on Major. So, this match is the first after their failure, but noone expects them to go easy on "sharks".