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Presenting opponent: Spirit Academy 17.09.2017 Author // Konservator

Today is the opening of the esports season for our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team. The first match will be against Team Spirit Academy on EPICENTER 2017 qualifiers.

«Young» roster of Team Spirit has began it's season matches long ago and got a lot of experience. Of course, every team has scrims and many unofficial matches has already been played on Vega's side, without commentary.

However, "dragons" got to this stage through open qualifiers and it's quite an achievement since not many are worthy to pass this massacre. Since the last match (it was on PGL CIS Minor) Spirit Academy planed BAS and NickelBack on the bench and are now trying different people including the ones that are supposed to be inactive.

In other wards, team might turn out being as powerful as it's original roster, but we're yet to find this out ourselves. Join us on stream on 17:00 CEST in order to see "sharks" and "dragons" aim with your own eyes!

Team Spirit Academy roster for today:

  • Aleksey «1uke» Zimin
  • Aleksey «BAS» Kustov
  • Roman «rommi» Golubev
  • Evgeniy «fenvicious» Mitsik
  • Vladislav «Flash_1» Bykov