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Presenting opponent: Newbee 04.03.2018 Author // sirVatum

Newbee are grands of the international Dota 2 scene. Silver prize winners of The International 2017 that went thought the whole tournament in the upper brackets and only lost to Liquid. The winners of the last Perfect World Masters and ESL One Genting 2018.

Their roster has been completed in 2016 and the results were phenomenal. After Kaka and Kpii joined the team during EPICENTER qualifiers "blue knights" demonstrated a 29-0 winstreak from qualifiers to the main stage.

In Manila Newbee became an unstoppable hurricane that crushes everything on it's way. Even though they finished 3rd on Manila Major, their winstreak was still quite impressive - 21-0.
Right now Newbee is a tier-1 team that gives a good fight to any opponent. The roster is stable, the winstreaks and great results are speaking for themselves. Newbee replies with a victory to any failure.

Current Vega Squadron roster haven't met Newbee yet, last time organizations met on SL i-League Invitational #2 in 2017. First "squadron" won the series (2:0), then the Chinese team took revenge in a match for play-offs.

Opponent picks are hard to predict. On ESL One Genting Newbee were prioritizing Distuptor, Naga Siren and Razor, but the team can adapt and are ready to play literally anything to surprise the opponents.

Our Dota 2 roster needs your support now as never before! Join us in social media and on streams. Don't miss this match, cheer for Vega Squadron!