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Presenting opponent: Horde 16.02.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are getting ready for the Major via tournaments, this time on Dota 2 Champions League. So, we're here once again to tell you about our opponent for now - team Horde.


Latest news


The team that was created by Akke never aimed somewhere high. Guys wanted to play together, enjoy it and maybe display some results. Maybe this is why this team usually becomes a problem to some highly motivated teams out there.

Despite solid results, their offlaner, Eskillz left the team recently. As he said, he needed a rest to get some more motivation to play the game. He has been replaced by a strong player from Israel - Neta "33" Shapira. With him Horde already managed to beat ProDotA and LQ.


Tournament standings


For the first two days bo1 round robin matches have been played except for Empire game that was delayed as DAC qualifier winners were on their way home after bootcamp. Horde already beat LQ meeting no actual resistance while Vega had an even easier game against Insane People. What goes to sensations in brackets, both Alliance and Spirit were beaten by open qualifier teams.


Matches with Vega


For the history of the teams there have been 2 matches. In the last match of 2016 Vega Squadron earned a tough victory against their opponent on Royal Arena, and a bit later, in January, teams met in crazy bo2 series that ended in a draw. Also "Sharks" have bad memories of meeting 33. Israeli player took all matches against our team in season 2016/17 including 2 bo1 matches on WCA-2016 LAN finals and 2 qualifier series to the same tournament.


Heroes and stats


So far Horde played 52 matches and won 22 of them. The most popular hero for the team is Slardar, he was picked in 15 games and won 9 of them. Shadow Fiend for Excalibur is also a frequent pick - 10 maps, 7 wins. What's curious, in 2 out of 3 maps on 7.02 Horde took Lone Druid played by Excalibur and 33 with new and classic builds accordingly.