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Presenting opponent: Horde 30.12.2016 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron will play their last match this year against Horde. "Sharks" are here once again with the most important information about the opponent.




This team was initially created on WESG 2016 where they won Swedish qualifiers, showed great performance in the mainstage and only lost to Imperial in the finals. Same thing happened on WellPlay Invitational #5 where Horde once again lost to the Danish players and finished second.

The current roster was arranged in November, 16 after Solitude and Kefka left the team and were replaced with Eskillz and Gorgc.

Last tournaments didn't look good for Horde: in December team didn't take any prize places and were left behind on WellPlay Invitational and ProDotA Cup Europe




The situation in Group A is very unlucky for Horde. After losing to Team Empire and Alliance (0:2) team didn't earn a single point in groupstage. Even if they take over Vega, they'll have to play against the winner of their group that they lost to already.

"Sharks" are having quite good chances against Group A favorites. If they win Horde, CIS team has all chances to play against Alliance. And what's interesting, 4 out of 5 matches against [A] ended in Vega's favor and the last one was a draw.




The most popular hero on Horde side is Slardar, but his winrate is only 60% for 15 games he was picked. What goes to the win percentage itself, heroes like Io (8 games, 75% winrate) and Sand King (7 games, 85% winrate) are worth noticing. Io is mostly used together with Tiny that was picked 5 times. Lifestealer is a signature pick for Gorgc, even though his winrate wasn't quite high lately (9 games, 33% winrate).